Promote safe driving

Access reports on safe driving and use the data to minimise insurance costs
Information like harsh cornering, contextual speeding and harsh braking can be monitored, giving you the data you need to coach drivers in safe driving best practice. Correct training in areas like anticipation, coupled with coaching at debrief can reduce accident rates and have a positive effect on insurance premiums, as well as helping to keep vehicle downtime to a minimum. Identification of incident blackspots and safety tend analysis can help to reduce accidents. In the event of an accident, the information provided can help to establish liability quickly.

  • Reduce accidents... accidents have been reduced by up to 50% using safety information delivered by telematics
  • Reduce speeding & associated incidents… speed infringements have been cut by up to 80% in fleets using contextual speed eports
  • Reduce insurance premiums
  • Analyse incident blackspots and safety trends
  • Increase fleet and driver safety and enhance corporate social esponsibility
  • Reduce vehicle downtime
  • Establish liability quickly

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